Professional liability

Professional liability insurance covers claims arising from services rendered by a company or professionals.

What is professional liability insurance?

Professional liability protects the company and the professionals providing a service against claims from third parties.

Coverage features

For the policy to be triggered, property or personal damage need not arise. It can be pure economic loss.

It is the equivalent of product liability cover, but this time it applies to services.    

We recommend taking out professional liability insurance for all professions offering services and advice: architects, doctors, lawyers, notaries, IT consultants, business consultants, auditors, engineers, advisors and management companies, agencies, project managers, headhunters, software developers, photographers, translators, travel agencies, etc.

How do we work professional liability?

We offer coverage for each type of activity.

Depending on the turnover, the risk of the activity carried out, the scope of action and the type of clients of the insured, we advise on the limit and sub-limits of indemnity to be contracted.

We analyse the risk and recommend an appropriate geographical, jurisdictional and temporal scope.

We work closely with policyholders to analyse the situation in their activity and proactively propose improvements to the coverages contracted.


What can happen to trigger professional liability insurance?

  • A business consultant forgets her documents in a taxi and thus discloses confidential information about her client.
  • A doctor receives a complaint for failing to detect a disease in his patient in time.
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