Transportation insurance covers damage to or theft of goods during the course of the journey. 

What is Transportation insurance?

Transportation insurance for companies covers possible damage, theft or loss suffered by the goods transported, beyond the insurance offered by transportation companies.

Coverage features

Coverage is granted according to the purchase or sale value, as the case may be. This ensures the recovery of the real value of the goods, irrespective of their weight.

With transportation insurance we cover any type of movement of goods: purchases/imports, sales/exports and movements between warehouses of the same company, whatever the means of transport used. For cross-border movements, coverage begins or ceases according to the incoterm used for each operation and as agreed in the contract between the parties.

How do we work with Transportation Insurance?

We analyse the company, its activity and the countries in which it does business. We also define the goods to be transported, the maximum quantity transported and the geographical scope in order to provide full coverage for all the company’s transport needs.

We regularly follow up on damaged shipments and collect all necessary information to enable our clients to recover transport compensation in the shortest possible time.

Main coverages
Additional coverages

What can happen to trigger Transportation insurance?

  • A fruit growing company contracts transport from an external haulier. The truck carrying the fruit is involved in an accident and the fruit is scattered on the road.
  • Due to a heavy storm, the captain of a ship decides to throw a few containers into the sea to make the vessel seaworthy. In this case we would be talking about a major failure.
  • The shipment of engines from an Asian country ends up destroying the goods, as they have arrived rusty due to holes in the container, which was being carried on the deck of a ship.
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