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Business Insurance brokers

We are a professional insurance broker; offering outstanding service, dedicated to advising top-tier companies on   insurance and risk management.

We are specialists in accessing specific and personalised coverage from the best insurance companies.

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Insurance solutions

Property Damage

We study companies’ assets, identify their risks and propose a personalised programme of coverages to ensure their continuity and protect them against any adverse events that could damage their physical assets.    

Insurance solutions


We have in-depth understanding of the responsibilities of companies and know how to protect them against a third-party claim.

We can advise you on the best liability cover for your company.

Insurance solutions

Cyber insurance and Crime

Cyber attacks have become one of the biggest threats to businesses in recent years. We support and encourage our clients to improve the protection mechanisms in their systems in order to minimise risk and achieve the best insurance coverage.

Insurance solutions


We cover all the risks associated with a construction and assembly site: both liability to third parties and own material damage that may arise during the course of work, as well as the risks associated with the construction and assembly work.

Insurance solutions

Credit and surety

Protect your company against trade risk and mitigate the uncertainty of credit to your customers. We help companies grow and enter new markets with assurance and peace of mind.

Insurance solutions

Employee benefits

We offer different solutions to companies to retain their best talent. We help them protect their workers in the event of an accident or illness.

Insurance solutions

International programmes

We support the international growth of our clients by managing international programmes and centralising the control and standardisation of coverage across all subsidiaries.

Insurance solutions

Risk management

At O. Brokers, in addition to offering coverage, we lead the process of improving our clients’ risk in order to prevent and mitigate any incidents.

An experienced team

The extensive experience of our team positions us as specialists capable of accessing specific and personalised coverage from more than 50 insurance companies.


All the people who make up our team are characterised by their professionalism and dedication to service, which allows us to offer personalised, agile and transparent service.

A methodology of quality

Count on us to help you find insurance cover for your company. We negotiate conditions with more than 50 companies to find the most suitable solutions.

We organise your insurance in such a way that the entire advisory process is agile      and efficient.

We identify your company’s risks and audit your policies to identify areas for improvement and make an exhaustive comparison in coverage and premiums.

We present you an objective and personalised proposal of high technical quality to help you make the right decision.